MRCP 2 Written Resouces and Advice

MRCP 2 Resources

Essential read:

  1. MCQs and MCQs or any other website like 123doc or medicalmasterclass Read the explanations very carefully, make notes of all clues
  2. Rapid Review Of Clinical Medicine For Mrcp part 2 by Sanjay Sharma. An excellent resource for part 2 MRCP 2 written read the book from cover to cover a few times and make notes.
  3. It is advisable to revise MRCP part 1 resources like and Phillip Kalra.
  4. Keep Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine handy and read up important topics. Use Kumar and Clark / Harrison's to complete your knowledge about common diseases.
  5. Complete Data interpretation for the MRCP by Steve Hughes - an excellent book for interpreting lab investigations.
  6. Read basic books for X-rays, CT, ECG. Look up CT, bonescans and X-rays on google. Here are some useful websites for Radiology and Echocardiography:



    Dermatology Images:-

    Dermnet Skin Disease Image Atlas

    Haematology Slides:-

  7. Read up Guidelines summaries at NICE website (
    , BSG, BTS, BSH, etc.
  8. ( is a good resource for MRCP part 2 written mcqs.
  9. Lastly, go to MRCP forum at;( for advice and support.

If you have more time:

  1. 100 plus Diseases for the MRCP Part 2 by Miles Witham is also a good book to read.
  2. Color Atlas and Text of Clinical Medicine by Charles D. Forbes is good to familiarise with pictures of skin and other diseases.
  3. MRCP Part 2: Best of Five Clinical Questions and Answers by Huw Beynon is also recommended by many.

How long to prepare for the exam

It is a good idea to sit MRCP part 2 written exam right after you pass your part 1. Depending on your level of knowledge and your job commitments the preparation time will range from 3 to 6 months.

What the exam is like:

There are three papers with 90 questions each. Two papers on one day and one on the next. This exam is tougher than part 1. Pay attention to time management as time is short in the exam. There are 2 minutes for each question.


Appear in the exam to pass, not to check out what the exam is like. Failure whether you are expecting it or not, always gets your morale down. So apply for the exam only when you are confident that you will be fully prepared by the date of the exam.

Work hard, prepare well, put off your hobbies for later, do not panic during the exam and have faith in God.


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